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hall of fame

Jim Rantz: 25th Anniversary 1973 Most Outstanding Male Athlete

Paul Molitor: 50th Anniversary 1998 John W. Hajlo Most Outstanding Athlete of the Half Century

Chris Weinke: Robert G. Doran Most Outstanding Male Athlete from 1973-1998

Jean Tierney Holt: Father Otto Neudecker Most Outstanding Female Athlete from 1973-1998

Hall of Fame inductees
2018: John Tauer, Jr, Johnny Tauer
2017: Steve Fritz
2016: Mark Courtney
2015: Jerry Bennek, Jack Peick, Pete Zwach
2014: Tom Perrault, Ken Markwardt, Midge Hernandez
2013: Bob Doane, Ted Steichen, Bob Tschida
2012: Ruth Opatz Sinn and Jeff Whisler
2011: Tom Hansen, Jim Pacholl and Wally Wescott
2010: Dennis Denning
2009: Matt Birk
2007: Tim Tschida
2004: Ed Brandt and Bill Ivory
2003: George P. Sweeney

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- Charles Barkley

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